Interview With Ottawa’s Archbishop Prendergast

Q: Over the past year, much attention has been drawn to Canada ‘s human rights commissions and tribunals, especially in light of Canada ‘s recognition of same-sex marriage. Several activists have launched complaints against Christians who advocate returning to the traditional definition of marriage. Have the human rights commissions and religious freedom been a topic during the election?

Archbishop Prendergast: The human rights commissions and tribunals have been a background issue, which, unfortunately, goes largely unnoticed due to the lack of interest by most of the mainstream media — MSM. The MSM in effect sets the tone of what gets discussed; I discovered this last May when last year’s largest demonstration on Parliament Hill — the March for Life — received not a single mention in the MSM. Morning news reports urged people to avoid streets around the Peace Tower that afternoon because of a demonstration, without mentioning what the demonstration was about. A procession of 150 Falun Gong demonstrators merits front-page coverage; an 8,000-strong “March for Life” becomes a nonevent. We have much work to do to make the truth known.

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