Batshit Crazy VI: Lesley Hughes considering run as independent…plus she may sue!

Lesley Hughes Batshit Crazy Troofer is considering running as an independent.

Her former Liberal campaign manager, Selina Bieber, is still at her side.

“I’ve been pleasantly surprised and heart-warmed by the level of support she’s received,” Bieber said. “It’s really good. It gives me confidence in the electorate, in their intelligence, and their ability to read and speak English, and comprehend it and really be objective.”

I so wanna see this one get to court;)

“In the meantime, she is considering suing those who called her an anti-Semite for a 2002 column she wrote about the Sept. 11 attacks.”

“I’m told I have a very strong case for slander and defamation,” she said.