Have Hate Will Travel: Professional Hate with that “Boutique Touch”

Are you envious of other religious or ethnic groups that “get all the attention”?

Desire a level of status that demands politicians seek out your blessing?

Dying to play that lucrative victim card but just can’t get it together?

Well Today is your Lucky Day!

The Blazingcatfur Hate Boutique* is the answer to your dreams!

As a full service consultancy with that boutique touch, our trained Hate Coordinators will help you choose the package that meets your budget and your desired PHQ (Public Hate Quotient).

Not a CHRC recognized victim class? No problem! Our staff of ethno-religious image consultants will dress you up just to take you down!

Need funding? Not a problem! Our business is hate! We’ll show you how to milk government agencies like Heritage Canada for your slice of the Multicult Money Pie!

Need a Front Organization so you can pretend to wield an ethnic voting bloc? Leave the paper work to us! Remember we’re not satisfied until you’re publicly villified by even the most timid of school children!

Have Your Hate Your Way – with our CHRC Approved “Hallmarks of Hate Menu”

You can order a la carte or select from our package deals. Choose a favourite from our Seasonal Themes Collection like “Halloween Hate Fest”, the “Old Fashioned Family Thanksgiving Village Rape & Plunder” or for Christmas the “Pogrom Party Pak”.

(NB: Minimum 3 items per a la carte order, media placement extra unless otherwise indicated)

The targeted group is portrayed as a powerful menace that is taking control of the major institutions in society and depriving others of their livelihoods, safety, freedom of speech and general well-being;

The messages use “true stories”, news reports, pictures and references from purportedly reputable sources to make negative generalizations about the targeted group;

The targeted group is portrayed as preying upon children, the aged, the vulnerable, etc.;

The targeted group is blamed for the current problems in society and the world;

The targeted group is portrayed as dangerous or violent by nature;

The messages convey the idea that members of the targeted group are devoid of any redeeming qualities and are innately evil;

The messages communicate the idea that nothing but the banishment, segregation or eradication of this group of people will save others from the harm being done by this group;

The targeted group is de-humanized through comparisons to and associations with animals, vermin, excrement, and other noxious substances;

Highly inflammatory and derogatory language is used in the messages to create a tone of extreme hatred and contempt;

The messages trivialize or celebrate past persecution or tragedy involving members of the targeted group;

Calls to take violent action against the targeted group.

Remember our motto: The PHQ that’s right for you!

*Blazingcatfur Hate Boutique is a “Right to Work” shop and is not affiliated with any professional hate union such as CUPE or PSAC.