Green is the new Anti-Semitism this fall

Oh Oh Eggo!

I would not expand except with great care before a one-sided jewish audience, but the most publicized item from ahmedinejad was imporoperly translater as ‘wipe isr off the emap’, but the quote was not so directly aggressive, was played up by that onesided & partly deluded jewish community….

Update 2: NS Tory Gal writes-

If they had any brains they would have taken down his blog before Ms. Labchuk sent this email.’m starting to think it could be a good thing having Ms. May in the debate.

Talk about a train wreck… and lets hope she takes her little buddy Dion out with her.

Update: The Greens respond to this latest allegation

Your recent blog post ( contains a serious factual error. Daryl Vernon is not a paid employee of the Green Party and does not serve in any capacity in our “war room” (we use the non-military term “nerve centre”). The memo was not issued by the Green Party. We do not know Mr. Vernon but it is our understanding that he is member of the Toronto Jewish community.

Mr. Vernon’s comments do not reflect the views of the Green Party of Canada or York Centre candidate Rosemary Frei. If you care about accuracy, I suggest visiting our website to learn the truth about the Green Party’s position on the Israel/Palestine conflict:
Perhaps in the future you will check your posts for factual accuracy before publishing untruths.

Camille Labchuk

Camille Labchuk
Press Secretary / Attachée de presse

Green Party of Canada
Parti Vert du Canada
613-562-4916 ext. 245