Andrew Potter, just another smug, lazy, dead tree media hack…

…unable to conceal his contempt for ordinary citizens:

What worries me, though, is that we’re seeing the “democratization” of politics, in the most literal sense of the word: The people — the great idiocratic mass of mouth-breathers out there frantically swiping the drool off their keyboards as they Google around for “dirt” — are running the campaigns now. There aren’t war rooms anymore, directed by parties with smart, educated, responsible adults in charge — it’s Hobbes’ state of nature as imagined by Mike Judge.

Wow Andy you are like so right on! What a moment of clarity, why I’ll never question the agenda or integrity of mainstream media again thanks to you and Heather Mallick!

What were we thinking ! I mean the people actually taking part in the democratic process, actually having opinions, wow well thanks for clearing that up for us Andy!

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