Zafar Bangash perennial candidate for the title “Canada’s Most Lunatic Islamist” praises Ahmadinejad’s UN speech

“QUESTION: How do you assess Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speech at the 63rd UN general assembly, who pointed to the world community’s challenges and elaborated on Iran’s stances to world regional and world issue?

ANSWER: I think his speech was very bold and precise in terms of identifying the reasons for the problems that the world is facing. The first and foremost issue of course is the interference and militarism aggression of the United States government and its occupation of different countries in the region. Secondly he mentioned the rapid decline of the Zionist state of Israel and its failed policies which of course were also coupled with the failed policies of the United States and then he also drew attention to the NATO forces failure in Afghanistan and he said that they are like people who have jumped in a well with their head down and so obviously they’re heading for disaster. Obviously these are areas that he has outlined in his speech that are very pertinent to the President’s situation in the world. At the same time in his speech he also talked about justice and morality and Iran’s peaceful nature and its adherence to virtues mostly kindness and wisdom with which its policy are being formulated for the benefit not only of the Iranian people, but for all people of the world.”

Bangash may just grab that coveted title this year;)

Of further note Imam Al-Asi, Imam of Washington DC Islamic Center, a “Dinner guest” at Zafar’s Islamist way station in Richmond Hill this past spring is here quoted predicting the destruction of Israel despite the best efforts of corporate imperialism and racist Zionism”

In the frontline of the transformation of the struggle against Zionism and imperialism with the rest of the Muslims just steps behind in the coming years of a certainty, the other Muslims are going to join and swell the ranks of Islamic resistance and Islamic jihad until finally Palestine is liberated and Zionism is dismantled.