The March of Human Rights

New Zealand is waking up to the threat posed by the UN Human Rights Cabal.
The Anglo-American approach to human rights is based on the concept of protecting citizens from the Government. It recognises the considerable power held by the state, which, if used in the wrong way, can lead to death and destruction. With history being littered with tragic tales of genocide, torture, and persecution this approach to human rights attempts to prevent such atrocities by limiting the state’s power. Its focus is on the need to protect the freedom of individuals from state control, and to restrict the way that the government deals with them: from safeguarding the freedom of expression, to protecting private property rights and enforcing the rule of law.

The Continental approach on the other hand is concerned with utilising the power of the state to provide services – education, welfare, pensions, health care, public housing and the like – and to ensure that individuals have the right of access. This approach, however, is open to socialist capture as rather than restricting the power of the state, it leads to an expansion of the state as individuals and groups call for the government – in the name of “rights” – to do more.

Gee guess which model our Turtle Bay loving marxists chose for Canada;)

Good article.