Teach your children well…

October is Islamic History Month Kiddies brought to you by Mohamed Elmasry & the CIC. Islamic History Month was recognized officially by Parliament October 25th 2007 as a result of a motion presented by Liberal MP Mauril Bélanger.

“I encourage cultural exchanges between Canada’s diverse communities, which make us a vibrant and dynamic society. I believe that by having a better understanding of our fellow Canadians from various communities and backgrounds that we will achieve a stronger and more cohesive country”,

Hmmm Liberals and “diversity”. Well lookee here the Islamic History Month site has an Islamic History Month Trivia Game! Let’s all play and learn about about Islam and at the same time enhance our diversity credentials!


Under what circumstance is marriage to more than one woman permitted in Islam?

Correct answer Answer is 3:

In special cases where women outnumber men or the wife cannot bear children, the man is permitted to retain a first wife with all her rights guaranteed and marry a second.

Screenshot: Wow Talk about diversity! I thought polygamy was illegal in Canada!

Diversity is one long pogrom;)


How did Allah punish the children of Israel after Prophet Musa died?

Correct answer is 3:

He declared he would send against them, until the Day of Judgement, those who would treat them with penalties and he would break them into sections throughout the world.

Screenshot: Ah the joys of diversity, nothing like invoking a Quranic justification for the ongoing Jihad against them Joo’s right Elmo?

My final score in the Islam History Game: 102,000, beat that;)