Rats Shot Down! Rumours rumours rumours.. a Steyn Verdict by the BCHRT Today? Will Elmo’s Head Explode?

Update: According to the Registrar of the BCHRT no decision will be released today.

As explained there exists a formal decision release procedure:

1) Parties are informed of the decision 1 day prior to release
2) Parties are sent the decision the morning of the release
3) The release is posted on the BCHRT web site the afternoon of the release date

Steyn says:
There’s a rumor going around that the three pretend judges of the British Columbia “Human Rights” Tribunal will announce their verdict Friday [today] at 12 noon Pacific

Sounder asks: So, will they end their careers by bringing down a guilty verdict based on irrelevant non-evidence? or end their careers by dismissing the case after wasting all those taxpayers dollars on frivolous claims?

I am on record as stating that the BCHRT will find for Macleans/Steyn based on the BCHRT being so lenient with the Elmo/Sockpuppet complainants during the hearing. To my mind the BCHRT effectively allowed the CIC to hang itself in the court of public opinion by permitting them to introduce a great deal of often counter-productive “evidence” virtually on a whim. So forgiving was the BCHRT that I was left with the impression of reverse racism at work. This leniency grants the tribunal an easy way out as it shields them from potential charges of unfair treatment should they in fact find for Macleans/Steyn.

However one thing has bothered me. Statements have emanated from the BCHRT to the effect that they are not to blame for the mess the tribunal finds itself in as they must act according to the mandate handed them. This suggests that they may feel compelled to follow the absolute letter of the law and find for the Islamists if the statute dictates.

Only time will tell….