New this fall on CBC!

I’ll take imagined racial grievances for 500 Richard

From reader WLMR – who obviously gave this more thought than I did;)

Judge Wapner, Judge Judy..look out here comes the new CBC reality tribunal show; ” the people’s Star Chamber” …each week a cultural demon is burned at the stake by the show’s culture inquisitors….this one will rank up there with other Canadian iconic TV classics like:

(10) The Health Report: latest reports on what tastes good, why it is bad for you, and when we’ll be banning you from eating it

(9) Marketplace: The urgent need for more government regulation to protect consumers against an industrial capitalist economy is explored weekly

(8) Canadian War Crimes I: Terry McKenna’s self-abasing angst over the bombing of Nazi Germany

(7) Canadian War Crimes II: Gwynne Dyer regrets that we won at all

(6) Election Night in Canada: socialism is good for you so we have packaged 4 brands of it to chose from

(5) Canadian Civil War Crimes: the brutal repression of the FLQ Francophone freedom fighters

(4) Ottawa Report: running the country and designing society is a job for the ivy-walled university clique. 1 hour a week we make you feel disempowered and insignificant.

(3) Canadian War Crimes III: from Ethopia to Afghanistan CBC expose’ Canadian Forces links to US Imperialism

(2) DeGrassi High: The multicultural social problem of the week resolved in a teen drama by the collective left-wing consciousness of CBC staff writers.

(1) Little Jihad on the Prairie : The zany antics of sleeper cell- redneck culture clash.

And recent Gemini Awards entries:

(11) Newfie Trailer Park Trash: Kenny and Bubbles vandalize Conservative election signs

(12) Heather Mallick – CBC‘s Freudian slip with a lip

(13) CBC – Welfare Wampum: Indians, head feathers, drums and white Liberal guilt.

(14) David Suzuki – Earth God: why you deserve to die so the 3-toed Siberian tree frog can live.

(15) “Cornerbrook Gas” – Canadians reminisce about the convenience of corner gas stations and what the freedom of private transportation used to be like.