Mohamed Elmasry decrying censorship on YouTube?

This can’t be our Elmo can it? The famed Elmo of story and song who wishes to exert his Islamist worldview on the rest of us?

…although the Mohamed Elmasry who authored this piece seems peeved that YouTube has shut down efforts to display video of US soldiers being killed, bomb making instructionals etc… claiming YouTube “gave in” to US politician Senator Joseph Lieberman

so maybe could be I dunno….

I mean it seems to have all the “Hallmarks of Elmo”.

There is also this piece from 2004 by Elmo – Don’t Censor Al Jazeera

“Canadians must question the CRTC’s decision to sacrifice Canadian rights of free speech to silence an Arabic-language news network whose only sin, ironically, is that it believes in the Western notion of freedom of speech.”