“Jihad? I’ll give you a jihad you miserable, rag-headed, heathen bastard!”

Update: No confirmation but is this Stan Pioro the same Stan Pioro listed Here , as being among conservatives calling for Mr. Harpers Head back in ’06? This may help explain things.

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John Wayne Jihad! Yee Haw!

Brendan Kennedy, Ottawa Citizen
Richmond businessman won’t apologize for comments deemed ‘Islamophobic’

Ottawa . An Ottawa-area company that sold knives and flashlights to the Canadian Forces clarified controversial comments on its website Monday, but offered no apology for content criticized as “Islamaphobic.”

Stan Pioro, owner of Richmond-based Gear Up Motors, said yesterday that the comments were meant only as jokes and he did not intend to offend the Muslim community.
Until Sunday, the company’s website included a photo of John Wayne holding a rifle with the caption: “Jihad? I’ll give you a jihad you miserable, rag-headed, heathen bastard!”

The company entered the spotlight as part of the federal election campaign in the Nova Scotia riding of Central Nova. Green leader and Central Nova candidate (Hezbollah Flirter ed). Elizabeth May criticized Conservative candidate Defence Minister Peter MacKay for allowing Gear Up Motors to replace Grohmann Knives, a company based in the riding, as the knife supplier to the Canadian Forces.

Well Pioro took the comment down, even sent an e-mail to the CIC “to clarify that I did not defame Muslims or Islam.” , but Elmo The “Jew-Baiter” Elmasry won’t accept it and now one of Harper’s drones is stating these guys won’t be getting any more government contracts.

A statement from the Company web site by Stan Pioro:

Response to media attacks on me by Joan Bryden et al:

“The media has portrayed me as a rascist, and states that I have insulted Muslims. Not true. I have never made any comments about Muslims or the Islamic Faith. It is obvious to anyone that viewed this site, that my comments and jokes were directed at Insurgents, specifically those that have declared Jihad on the West, and the type of people that flew 747’s into the World Trade Center – the type of people that to this day deliberately kill innocent men, women and children, of all faiths, indiscriminately, with car bombs and suicide attacks. These are the cowards that plant roadside I.E.D.s to attack our troops. Apparently, it is not Politically Correct to criticize terrorists. My failing is that I am a Hard-Core Patriot, and I believe passionately about this Country, our way of life, and our choices of Religion. I care passionately about our Armed Forces Personnel, and the great work they are doing, and the great sacrifices that they make to defend this Country. I refuse to be railroaded any further by The Liberal Media, and contract-losing business competitors, that feed their so-called “Journalist” flunkies with lies and mis-information.

Anyone that believes that wars can be won by handing out Love Beads, and flashing Peace signs, needs to remove their heads from their rectums.”

PS: If Joan Bryden can call herself a “Journalist”, then I can put a band-aid on a blister on my heel, and call myself a Surgeon.

Stan Pioro

Email: stanp@maxus.ca
Phone: 613-277-0513

NB:Remember folks this is the same Joan Bryden who did the “Drive-By Nazi Smear” of Keith Martin when he announced M-446 calling for the deletion of Section 13(1).

Here’s Brydens turd in the Globe.