If you like visible minorities..you’re a RACIST! Courtesy the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal

Update: Jonathan Kay Riffs on this.

I feel like I’ve taken a Crazy Pill!

Health Canada scientist gets $4,000 for ‘hurt feelings’
Don Butler , Canwest News Service

OTTAWA – The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has awarded a former Health Canada scientist $4,000 for “hurt feelings” after a supervisor’s comment that he liked visible minorities was deemed to be racist.

When he was introduced to staff, Lachance told his audience that he liked visible minorities. An offended Chopra complained that the comment was a “deeply insensitive racial remark toward visible minority employees of the bureau.” The tribunal concurred, finding that Lachance’s comment was “offensive to Dr. Chopra and, by any standard, racist, even if some people in attendance did not find it to be so.”

The tribunal chastised Dr. Chopra for asserting that every manager at Health Canada practices system racial discrimination, and every appointment in the past 20 years has been discriminatory. It said such sweeping assertions, made “without a proper evidentiary basis,” undermine Chopra’s credibility and “have a negative impact on the promotion of human rights.”

We don’t believe you but here’s 4 Grand, Cheezus.

Ok I’m suing Canada at the CHRC:

UN calls Canada racist for ‘visible minorities’ tag

…and everbody else linked here.

I’m in the money,
I’m in the money,
A lot of hurt feelings
are what you need to get along…

Update: Covenant Zone Weighs in.