Excerpt: Tyranny of Nice by Kathy Shaidle and Pete Vere

Western Standard has the 1st excerpts from Pete Vere’s & Kathy Shaidle’s soon to be released book “The Tyranny of Nice” detailing the bizarro world of our Crazed Human Rights Kommissars. Official release date is Sept 29th.

Read it here! Order “Tyranny of Nice” here.

I can tell you right of the bat that this is going to be a great book.

Why? I get mentioned in it;)

Pete’s acknowledgement:

Pete would first like to thank his wife Sonya for encouraging him towrite the book and, despite being in the latter stages of pregnancy,keeping their young family going while he did it. As well he wouldlike to thank Al Matt at the Wanderer, Victor Morton at the WashingtonTimes, Terry & Lee Frank at Let’s Talk Frank radio, and Paul Tuns atthe Interim who also edited this book. Others to whom he is gratefulare Michael Trueman, John Pacheco, Eric Moles, Bill Murphy, BlakeGolder, Neil Stocker, Amanda Zuke, Connie & Mark Fournier, myneighbours, the mysterious bloggers Binks & Blazing Cat Fur, andeveryone else without whose help, prayers and support this book wouldnot be possible.