Disgraceful: Conservative Party dumps candidate who makes actual sense

There are no other words for it.

Chris Reid deserves better Mr. Harper. This silly move seems designed to curry favour with the media. How’s that workin for ya Conservative Party? We already have a brokerage party, they’re called the Liberals.

Why I will not vote Conservative – Ghost of a Flea

Voting Conservative is not the same thing as voting conservative. I do not have a clue who is standing for the party in Trinity-Spadina and what is more I do not care. Next door in Toronto-Centre, the party has abandoned its candidate (and its principles and common sense) for committing thought crime. Chris Reid had the temerity to speak the truth and, I expect, thereby endanger Stephen Harper’s milquetoast agenda.

CPC=Wimps – Jay Currie

Now I happen to disagree with Chris Reid on guns as I really don’t think they solve a lot of problems; however, it is a mark of Harper’s cringe in the face of the TO media that Chris was required to “resign” as a CPC candidate.

Bring Back Chris Reid!!! *** NOW *** Big Blue Wave

Chris Reid is a good guy and the CPC should have gone to bat for him. It’s shameless the way the party drops their candidates once they show any shade of conservatism.

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