Was the Canadian Muslim community suckered by the CHRC?

Freedominion poses the question.

One of the major faults of the CHRC and its provincial counterparts has been their susceptibilty to undue influence by agenda driven NGO’s like the CJC, B’Nai Brith & the CIC. NGO’s whose agendas are anti-democratic and run counter to fundamental Canadian values such as the right of Free Speech.

There is a good argument to be made that the NGO’s are now competing for favour with the HRC’s hoping to ensure that their individual world view takes precedence over their opponents. Both B’nai Brith and the Canadian Islamic Congress have made official submissions to Richard Moon who is conducting what is expected to be a sham CHRC authorized review of thought crime law Section 13 (1).

Which begs the question: Where does that leave the rest of us? Why should any minority groups opinion be foisted on the rest of Canada? We have witnessed enough of the damage done by Section 13(1) and its enablers & abusers already, it’s time to halt this madness.

B’nai Briths calls for reform of the HRC’s are also contained in their election issues talking points brief.