Jew-Baiter Mohamed Elmasry whining in the National Post: Dismissal of Maclean’s case wrong

Elmo breaks his silence on the dismissal of the Islamist Lawfare Jihad against Macleans/Steyn. He get’s everything wrong as usual;)

Joseph Brean, National Post, Dismissal of Maclean’s case wrong: Elmasry

In a submission to Richard Moon, a University of Windsor law professor hired by the Canadian Human Rights Commission to review its online hate speech mandate, Prof. Elmasry writes that “the state should act to empower those who are disadvantaged by hate speech, and that may mean lowering the voices of some in order that others may be heard.”

He called for mandatory press councils, and an end to “media monopoly,” and said the CHRC was wrong to dismiss his recent complaint of Islamophobia in Maclean’s magazine, which “aired its opinions to more than two million readers, but CHRC did not hold a hearing for Canadian Muslims and experts to voice their views.”

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