Islamists threatening censorship again…

Khaled Mouammar President of the Canadian Arab Federation has issued a call for the head of Corus Radio broadcaster Benoit Dutrizac for an interview that was conducted with Samira Laouni, the NDP/Islamist candidate for the riding of Montréal-Bourassa.

Winds of Jihad has a translation of the interview here.

Barbara Kay has background on Laouni here.

Following is the press release from Jew-Baiter Khaled Mouammar of the CAF:


September 18, 2008

STOP the Racist comments on the Airwaves

The Canadian Arab Federation would like to express its profound outrage at the racist comments made by Benoît Dutrizac against Mrs. Samira Laouni on Wednesday September 10th 2008 at the Place Bonaventure studios of 98.5 FM, part of the Toronto-based Corus Radio network.

“Mr. Dutrizacs comments were provocatively racist, sexist, offensive and most of all hateful to a segment of the Canadian community that has been combating the effects of Islamaphobia. His comments will not only have the unfortunate effect of inciting hate against an already marginalized Muslim community but potentially put women who dress the Hijab for religious reasons in harm’s way” said Khaled Mouammar national president of CAF.

These offensive, hateful and intolerant comments have no place in our inclusive Canadian and Quebec societies. CAF calls on the leadership of the New Democratic Party to denounce strongly the hateful remarks made by Mr. Dutrizac. Community organizations, the labour movement and all advocates of feminism need to stand in solidarity with Mrs. Laouni and against bigotry and racism.

CAF will stand united with other organizations in calling for the following:

1. The immediate resignation of Mr. Benoît Dutrizac.

2. A full investigation surrounding the hateful broadcast by the publicly licensed Toronto based radio Network Corus radio by the Canadian Radio –television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

3. A thorough review of all current Corus radio Network policies and protocol relating to hate speech, and the development of concrete and meaningful proposals for their improvement.

4. Proper and absolutely mandatory anti-oppression training for all Corus radio Network management and staff.

“In commemoration of the month of Ramadan, we must continue to organize together in solidarity for a more just society. The racists will not win.” said Mohamed Boudjenane, Executive Director of CAF.

Ain’t this fun? These Mohammedans never learn;)