Dhimmi Tool Sid Ryan & CUPE Join Jew-baiter Khaled Mouammar of the Canadian Arab Federation In attempt to censor Benoit Dutrizac

Israel Basher Sid Ryan & his Jew Basher Union CUPE have joined fellow Jew-Baiter Khaled Mouammar, President of the Canadian Arab Federation, in an attempt to censor Corus Radio broadcaster Benoit Dutrizac for an interview that was conducted with Samira Laouni, the NDP/Islamist candidate for the riding of Montréal-Bourassa.

CUPE Press release here.

“The questioning and remarks by Dutrizac were racist and disgusting andwent far beyond the bounds of all that’s decent in our society,” said CUPE Ontario President Sid Ryan.

Sid is the last person to ever be lecturing anyone on decency.

Winds of Jihad has a translation of the Dutrizac-Laouni interview here.

Barbara Kay has background on Laouni here.

The Canadian Arab Fu#keduperation statement is here.