Run on Canadian, not religious values

Tahir Aslam Gora, Hamilton Spectator

The federal election campaign is looking like a struggle to accommodate unreasonable accommodations.

If that’s not the case, then why did the NDP nominate a candidate, Samira Laouni, for the riding of Montreal-Bourassa in Quebec? She has been actively involved with Canadian Islamic Congress, an organization that clearly challenges freedom of expression values in the country and openly affiliates itself to Hezbollah and Hamas.

Instead of trying to achieve unreasonable accommodations within divided ethnic pockets, our politicians should appeal to new Canadians on the basis of our key fundamental ways: freedom of expression, not hatred; individual freedom, not segregation of the sexes; and secular laws, not Shariah laws.

The Liberals haven’t done much in that respect. And, in fact, the Liberals introduced multicultural approaches which led to ethnic and religious ghettos, rather than leading the whole nation into a single blend of different cultures.

The rest.