Michael Ignatieff doesn’t trust Canadians….or more elitist bullshit from a two-faced Liberal

Ignatieff fears we are blood thirsty heathens who will attack minorities if heaven forbid, citizens are actually allowed the right to Free Speech in Canada.

From FiveFeetofFury

My reader got this reply via email:

…thanks for your message about Keith Martin’s proposal. It blindsided the party, so we’re still working past that problem to look at the merits. I don’t want a free speech chill, but I also don’t want open season on minorities. So Im still working on it.


So Ignatieff fears that angry white Canadians are just dying to attack “minorities” and only a single sentence in Canadian law is preventing genocide?

Or is there some new fatal virus that’s spread by “hateful” words and causes “hurt feelings” leading to death?

More interesting:

One of the most famous victims of Section 13.1, Ezra Levant, is a minority (a Jew) being persecuted by another minority (a Muslim.)

Similarly, other HRC cases involve non-minorities (Christians) being persecuted by minorites (gays).

Ignatieff’s got hold of the wrong end of the telescope.

It’s open season BY minorities we have to do something about.

More elitist bullshit from a two faced Liberal.

Update: Iggy has a column in the National Post today, asking that the Liberals have another crack at manipulating immigration & multicult into a Liberal vote buying scheme. The gall.