Canadian Human Rights Commission Lawyer Fothergill – Government must be free to criminalize citizens without challenge

Simon Fothergill pleads that the CHRC be allowed to continue abusing citizens charter rights at least just “a little”, and even more ludicrous, he states that the Section 13 (1) constitutional challenge is “harassment” of the government. Thanks for demonstrating the totalitarian culture of the CHRC Simon. Fothergill seems to lack the fundamental understanding that the government is the servant of the people and we are not its chattel.

From Joseph Brean, National Post

“Simon Fothergill, a lawyer for the Attorney-General of Canada, said Mr. Lemire’s challenge of Section 13 is “relitigation” of settled law, and amounts to “harassment” of the government, which won the Taylor case by a 4-3 decision. A decade later, in 2001, it amended Section 13 to include the Internet.”

Mr. Fothergill answered that if Section 13 puts a chill on public discourse, it is only to be around the fringes of hate speech, and that this is not “a terribly bad outcome.”

“A little bit of chilling … is tolerable,” he said.

Hey Simon, bite me. Hands off my rights.