Heather Mallick asks: Ever wonder why the left never succeeds in Canada?… Oh do tell Heather, do tell!

Heather Darling, sorry about the hate-mail you’ve been getting but did you ever think to look in the mirror?

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posted 10 September 2008 07:28 PM
Ever wonder why the left never succeeds in Canada?

While you are all debating small delicate things about whether I am a nasty piece of work and should I receive your guarded approval or limited hatred, here’s what I’m up against, out of hundreds of racist, women-hating, sick emails I received today on my website, admittedly almost entirely from Americans.

Message: So you don’t like Sarah Palin you ugly slut? Fuck you, you liberal piece of shit. I’ll bet your cunt smells like rotten meat. You are one ugly cunt. I’d love to punch you right in your chops and knock every tooth out of your head. Come see me bitch! I have something for you. Something all liberal pieces of shit need. Fuck off and die you fucking cunt!

Now you argue with this guy. I leave you to it.


In answer to your question Heather, the pseudo-left never succeeds in Canada because for the most part, it is made up of people every bit as clueless, self-absorbed & despicable as yourself.

Poor Heather, things must be really, really bad when even Michelle the Babble Moderator takes you down a notch.

PS. The original “Mallick” thread on Babble got so long they closed it and started up a new one. Here it is, have fun watchin em spin spin spin.