Gilles Duceppe is a Bigoted Moron

Seraphic Smacks Duceppe

Going after a Catholic Member of Parliament because she belongs to a Catholic fraternity might have worked in post-revolutionary France, but it doesn’t belong in Canada, even French Canada.

The Globe & Mail Smacks Gilles Duceppe

Mr. Duceppe was eager to paint Ms. Charbonneau Barron as a member of a mysterious, secret sect who would fit in well with a party that hopes to foist fundamentalist religious views on Parliament.

It is an outrageous contention that smacks of religious intolerance. If Mr. Duceppe made such intemperate remarks about a candidate with, say, Muslim, Hindu or Sikh religious beliefs, he would be dismissed as a racist or a crank and hauled up before a human-rights commission. So why should he get away with scare-mongering in this case?

Barbara Kay Smacks The Bigot Gilles Duceppe

Attacking Catholics is OK, but please don’t mention the jihad