To B’nai Brith and all the other special interest groups lining up to exploit Section 13(1)…

B’nai Brith faces human rights complaint

A complaint against B’nai Brith Canada that has dragged on for five years points to the need to reform the procedures of human rights commissions across the country, B’nai Brith said in a brief released last week.

The complaint against the human rights organization was one of the motivating factors for it to advocate change to procedures behind the work of human rights commissions across the country, acknowledged B’nai Brith senior legal counsel David Matas

So now that the tables have been turned B’nai Brith wants to change the rules? Now they’re calling for reform? No sale guys, I’m not buying.

Section 13(1) and its provincial equivalents have granted the Human Rights Commissions of Canada a power they should never have been trusted with, the power to rob citizens of their God Given Right to Free-Speech.

Where have these anti-democratic laws led us? Not unexpectedly, given that history has a habit of repeating itself and power ultimately corrupts, these poisonous laws are being exploited by special interest groups. Most prominent among these groups are B’Nai Brith, The Canadian Jewish Congress and lately the Islamists of the Canadian Islamic Congress and the Canadian Arab Federation, all of whom wish to advance their pet political agendas.

And at whose expense? Mine, yours, your children, all of us have had our right to free speech stolen by these illiberal laws and the zealots who have chosen to exploit them.

Reform isn’t the answer, the deletion of Section 13(1) and all the other thought crime laws is. I have no sympathy for those who trifle with my rights. You made your bed B’nai Brith, sleep in it.