Heather “Meltdown” Mallick Speaks…on Babble about the response to her Lunatic Screed

Babbler # 9829
posted 10 September 2008 07:14 AM
Hi fellow babblers

Thank you for being so civilized, even if you disagree. I called Palin “white trash” (why? because she is white and she is trash, and she thinks raped incest victims should bear their dad’s baby, don’t get me started …)

God knows what’s happening to John Doyle for having called Palin an Alaskan hillbilly, but I am getting hundreds of emails from the American south. My husband vets all my email for death threats and he comes in with my coffee in the morning, saying “The consensus in West Virginia is that you are a f—— c—. In the Caroliinas, however, you are a lonely lesbian. The coffee this morning is organic fair trade Costa Rican.” Then he laughs quietly to himself in his British way.

I feel so bad making the guy read all this stuff from Obama-haters. But he says the Canadian right-wingers are angry but restrained, which is good. I am proud of Canadians for their sanity and politeness.

Is there really a Bob Jones of Bob Jones University? He wants to meet me, I take it with an AK-47 in his hand.

Thanks Heather. Glad to have it confirmed, you are certifiable.

You can read Heather Mallicks Mental Breakdown here.