Canadian Arab Federation: Stop Callin Terrorists, Terrorists, You Meanies!

Jew Baiter Khaled Mouammar, writes to Stockwell Day to express his dissatisfaction over recent reports concerning possible terrorist attacks by Christadelphian extremists , he demands a strong statement be issued by Mr. Day denouncing this inflammable rhetoric.

“CAF wrote a letter to the Minister of Public Safety, Stockwell Day, to voice these concerns over government discourse that is contributing to the perpetuation of media stereotypes and the characterization of Arabs and Muslims as potential terrorists.”

Potential? I admire his flare for understatement.

On behalf of Minister Day: Khaled take a flyin leap at a rollin goat.

September 5, 2008

The Honourable Stockwell Day
Minister of Public Safety
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6

Dear Minister Day:

The Canadian Arab Federation (CAF) is very concerned with the growing trend of alarming and incriminating messages and public statements coming from our Security Agencies and Officials from Heritage Canada in reference to alleged Hezbollah “sleeper cells” which are poised to attack Jewish targets in Canada and the so called ‘radicalization’ amongst Muslim Youths. As you know, Minister, such statements can only lead to inflaming the already negative perception of the Arab and Muslim communities in Canada.

It is understandable to alert the public if such a threat was credible; however, it seems that no danger is imminent or actually tangible. The newspapers, television and magazine headlines stating that these alleged sleeper cells are planning on attacking Jewish targets merely instigate further feelings of hostility towards the already maligned Arab Canadian community and do not help to foster community building or dialogue between different ethnic groups. We cannot possibly move forward with sustaining the multicultural fabric of Canada if an important and fast-growing component of it is deemed a “threat” and its youth described as radicalized.

CAF is an organization which is building bridges with other ethnic groups and we feel that the government is acting in an irresponsible manner by inciting fear and intolerance, through fueling the already negative perception of Arabs and Muslims in Canada. We hope that a strong statement coming from your office will send a clear message that this type of rhetoric is not acceptable, counterproductive and divisive.


Khaled Mouammar

National President
Canadian Arab Federation