The Marxist Brainwashing of your children continues apace…on your tax dollar

The Canadian Association of Statutory Human Rights Agencies (CASHRA) has launched a new web site aimed at your children; TakingItGlobal .

Let’s see what the Turtle Bay adoring Marxist Kommissars of Canada’s Human Rights Commissions are hoping to infect our children with.

My, my, my, CASHRA makes no bones on where they stand on the political spectrum, 1st up “Social Condition”. Ah yes, all will be well when our socialist utopians can guarantee Equality of Outcome as opposed to Equality of Opportunity.

As I’ve written previously the implementation of “Social Condition” as a prohibited ground of discrimination in the Canadian Human Rights Act represents the single greatest power grab by the Canadian Human Rights Commission and its provincial counterparts to date. This is naked empire building pure and simple. The Human Rights Cabal aided by their fellow travellers in the NGO’s have one goal – to subvert the legislative authority of our democratically elected representatives and introduce their social engineering scams via the backdoor, all under the seeming benevolent guise of Human Rights. Don’t believe them for a moment.

Here’s a sample of the marxist indocrination for Little Johnny & Judy Canuck.

“The poor are frequently stereotyped as lazy, untrustworthy and irresponsible in the popular media, by landlords, financial institutions, and school officials, in stores and public places, by politicians and the general public. As a result, discrimination against people because they are poor is all too common. For instance, people may be denied apartments because they do not have a credit rating, which only can be attained by having money.”

….CASHRA lets the kids know up front that you and virtually every other adult and public or private institution in Canada are criminal suspects, yes, we evil capitalist running dogs are guilty as charged, no trial necessary…next step a 1-800-Rat-Your-Parents-Out Hotline.

Please Prime Minister Harper, rein in the Canadian Human Rights Commission.