Hey Free-Speechers care to send a letter?

The National Post Editorial Board is asking citizens to e-mail their concerns about the issues most relevant to them as individuals this election campaign. Let’s make sure that Free-Speech and the removal of Section 13(1) figure prominently.

Let em know what you think at letters@nationalpost.com.

Update: 3 of 5 Letters published so far by the National Post mention the threat to our Free Speech Charter Rights posed by the renegade Canadian Human Rights Commissions.

From Dr. C & Mrs S Morbey:

There should be only one main election issue: free-speech. It is the foundation of democracy and without it we are not much better than a fascist regime doomed to all the misery that system entails…

From John C. MacAlister:

…Finally we need to protect our civilization from the HRC’s attacks on free speech and from the push to legalize euthanasia and abortion…

From S.Nicholson, Oakville, Ont.:

…Hopefully this campaign will see some attention paid to actual ideas for solving the day-to-day problems faced by Canadians. Instead of wasting our money on HRCs, the CRTC and the CBC the government should be looking for ways to make life better…

Keep em comin Free-Speechers!