Not A Heritage Moment, or Why I Hate Canadian Cinema

Rick McGinnis of Metro News on the sorry state of “Canadian Cinema”, whatever the hell that is.

“It’s a dirty secret that Canadian film critics swallow hard and set their face in a stoic grimace when called upon to review local product. Obviously I have no scientific basis for this; there’s no poll or movement or manifesto articulating it, but based on years of experience, observation and anecdotal evidence, it’s an almost inescapable conclusion. Just as unhappy is the fact that, weary of sounding negative and (occasionally) unwilling to piss too close to where we eat, many critics are sparing when it comes time to write their reviews, with the result that the industry – in the absence of anything like healthy box office returns for their work – might be deluding itself that it’s aesthetically healthier than it really is, and that a mass artistic breakthrough is just around the corner.”

Read the rest, it’s timely and on the mark especially in light of the current wailing from our arts community over budget cuts to their tax payer funded subsidies, pity so few critics possess Rick’s honesty.