Rehmat Rant of the Day: “The Former Jew Mark Steyn”

Rehmat, Ontario Hydro’s own Rabid Islamist, bewails the the “Hurt Feelings” of all Mohammedans in his latest rant.

Rehmat: “Freedom of Press” for whom?

When Flemming Ross, the Ukrainian Zionist Jewish cultural editor of Danish mass-circulated paper, Jyllands-Posten published insulting caricature of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) – hurting the religious feelings of over 1.7 billion Muslims around the world – the pro-Zionist politicians, Christian Evangelist priests, Zionist Rabbis and Jewish-controlled western mass media supported Jyllands-Posten’s right to publish such filth as “Freedom of Press”.

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You know I think Rehmat has a future in the Green Party.