Once in a rare while something intelligent is actually stated on Babble.ca…

Michelle, Babble moderator on McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin as VP

P.S. That said, I think the Republicans have done a good job at choosing a woman who will bring out all the misogyny hiding under the surface (and not so under the surface) of many Democrats. The Republicans are just dying for Democratic bloggers and supporters and pundits to paint Palin as some bimbo beauty queen soccer mom who can’t do anything but plop out kids and be a token candidate – not to mention, questioning whether a woman with children “has time” to be Vice President. And from some of the first reactions I read when the announcement was first made, there are Democratic pundits and bloggers and supporters who are only too happy to leap right into the trap. The Republicans must be dancing with glee right about now.

No kiddin;)

That said, I like George Jonas’s suggestion: Flip the ticket

Canadians should be able to vote in American presidential elections.