Human Rights at Work – 3rd Edition, I’m not generally in favour of book burning however….

Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC), Commission ontarienne des droits de la personne, (CHRC)

This is the third edition of Human Rights at Work. Since it was first launched in 2000, Human Rights at Work has been seen as an essential tool for employers and all partners in the workplace. This edition includes an expanded section on how to create a workplace that promotes the values of the Ontario Human Rights Code (the Code). The book has also been re-organized and expanded to guide employers in their efforts to proactively comply with the Code at all stages of employment, from advertising to discipline right through to retirement and termination. Human Rights at Work helps employers create an environment where each employee’s rights are respected and human rights complaints are prevented or fairly resolved. This kind of human rights compliance is not just a legal requirement. It is also a wise business practice.

Cause we’ll bankrupt you, if you dare challenge the New Magisterium.