Frank Dimant is asking for feedback on B’nai Briths “reform” submission to the Canadian Human Rights Commission

Visit Frankie’s blog and let him know what you think about their submission – Hate Jurisdictions of Human Rights Commissions: A System in Need of Reform

The gist of the report may be gleaned from this National Post aticle by Joseph Brean,
Rights bodies vulnerable to ‘political Islam’: B’nai Brith

B’nai Brith gets it Half-Right, Politcial Islam is a major threat to our democracy and the HRC’s are in need of reform. However B’nai Brith like the CJC still adhere to the minority notion that an anti-democratic law such as Section 13(1) has a place in a civil society. No amount of tweaking or HRC staff training will cleanse the Human Rights Commissions, they are a vehicle ideally suited to infiltration and abuse by illiberal elements, witness B’nai Briths own condemnantion of Dhimmi Twit Barbara Hall for her vile statements against Macleans.

The only recourse is to severely restrict their operations and compel the HRC’s to follow the mandate they were originally designed to serve.

So visit Frankie’s blog and let him know what you think.

Update: Dhimmi watch weighs in: Canada’s Human Rights Commissions pawns in the hands of “political Islam”