Here’s somethin you don’t see everyday…B’nai Brith target of “Unfair Human Rights Commission Complaint” – wait for it – launched by Mohammedans

Winnipeg Free Press – Can’t fight unfair complaint: B’nai Brith

The Jewish community’s human rights organization says it is being unfairly targeted in a discrimination complaint that it can’t possibly defend.

Legal counsel for B’nai Brith Canada said the organization has been dogged by a four-year-old complaint to the Manitoba Human Rights Commission where specifics of the alleged wrongdoing have not been spelled out and the complainant never witnessed the alleged incident.

Hmm, well I hate to say we told you so David Matas, but we did. HRC’s are being abused as weapons to silence dissent, to silence political opinion and you & B’nai Brith should know this better than most. They have degenerated into the weapon of choice by anti-democratic elements bent on advancing illiberal values – sorta like the Nazi’s did by taking advantage of similar laws enacted by the Weimar Republic.

Read the rest, guess David now knows a bit about how Ezra and the others feel, yet still they persist in supporting Section 13(1).

From the comments courtesy the wiser than me Flea:

Flea said…

While his heart seems to be in the right place, David Matas should already know better having written on the UN Human Rights Commission as an “abuser’s caucus” and a blind from which to attack Israel. More worryingly, Matas appears not to understand there are laws against incitement to violence independent of the drumhead courts he persists in defending.

“The mere fact that you’ve got a legal system that allows for a complaint which is maybe wrong doesn’t in itself invalidate the system. If somebody tries to hit you with a chair, you don’t blame the chair.David Matas argues that chairs don’t abuse people.

But, David, people abuse people… with chairs.