A member of the Hoover Institution? Why that’s a hate crime isn’t it?

In today’s Globe & Mail Clifford Orwin, U of T Prof, offers his take on the efforts of members of the American Political Science Association to condemn Toronto as the host city for their upcoming conference due the abuse of Free Speech rights by the Turtle Bay loving Marxist sycophants running our Human Rights Commissions.

Canada does not protect academic freedom?
What a load of bupkes

I loathe human-rights commissions as much as anyone. They are an excrescence on our body politic, and they make Canada a less free society, not a freer one. Their procedures are grossly unfair, placing intolerable pressures, financial and otherwise, on defendants to settle their cases even where they are innocent. They represent a malign bureaucracy run wild. There are other legal avenues for pursuing issues of discrimination, and any federal government with guts would at the very least rein in these commissions.

But this is for Canadians to worry about. Americans should stick to their own worries. The petitioners’ claim that human-rights commissions pose a threat to them is bogus. How many international scholarly conferences are held in Canada each year and no repercussions whatsoever? How many controversial guest speakers have I myself sponsored, many on the supposedly taboo issue of Islamic extremism?

Read the rest, me I’m just surprised that Orwin’s association with the Hoover Institution hasn’t landed him a hate crime charge of his own.

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