Reader Mail: A letter to MPP Lisa Macleod…

To: Lisa a conscientious MPP


I wanted to take a minute or two to thank you for your taking such an active interest in this whole issue – and for finding Ezra Levant inspirational. I know people, who usually are very cynical about political systems, and gov’ts, who were truly so amazed by Ezra, that they have told me they have adopted him as their hero. More and more Canadians are starting to take note, that once as my nanna used to say, “you give them an inch, they will take a mile” (sorry for the politically incorrect imperial measurements but that is what she said).

It’s people like Ezra, Kathy Shaidle, Kate McMillan, Mark Steyn, blazingcatfur, & the blogging community who spent countless hours in laborious typing etc, by blogging about these issues, when the MainSteam Media didn’t seem to notice nor care. Now, the National Post, for one has taken up the cause. We all need to be made aware of the fact that, when we allow the abrogation of anyone’s right to free speech or expression (press), that it’s only going to be a matter of time before NO ONE will have the right, but rather all will have to conform to an Orwellian state censorship. Ezra defended Ernst Zundel’s right to his opinions and the expression of such, when the whole system and most people, were ganged up on Ernst. Ez said altho’ he found Ernst’s views repugnant, ill-informed, and delusional, he had the right to be deluded if he so chose.Again, thanks for your efforts to ensure that we don’t end up with more Barbara Halls, Richard Warmans, or Warren Kinsellas, including it seems Alan Whyte.