Islamophobia lecture: Mohammed Elmasry, Khurrum Awan, and Derrick O’Keefe joined by publicly unannounced additional speaker: Greg Felton

Wow that’s some lineup! I’m amazed Vancouver didn’t collapse into this Blackhole of Islamist & Pseudo -Leftist Anti-Semitism.

Update: Elane of DustmyBroom writes her version of events as she witnessed them.

Trupeers of Covenant Zone dishes the dirt on this Konvergence of Ka Ka.

The Dhimmi Quisling 5th Columnists of defend their man Derrick O’Keefe’s participation at the hate fest, funny no mention of O’Keefe’s participation at the infamous Cairo Conference wedding of the Islamofascists and the Pseudo-leftists of the comically named “Canadian Peace Movement”, hmmm and only a halting criticism of infamous fellow traveller Greg “Host & The Parasite” Felton, aw well that’s the left in Canada, tolerance and all that you know.

Wish I was there, I always wanted to ask Greg Felton for clarification of this statement he made:

“If the jackboot fits, wear it. It is public knowledge that zionists collaborated with the Nazis to exterminate Yiddisher Jews and prevent them from escaping persecution. Furthermore, Israel is founded on the same master-race mentality as Hitler’s Germany was. In January 2002, an Israeli army officer even suggested that Israel apply lessons from the Nazi liquidation of the Warsaw ghetto to invasions of major Palestinian centres like Nablus or large refugee camps. “