OMG! Zionists & Islamists united in common cause! … whether they like it or not

A Winnipeg Indymedia site is being threatened with a Canadian Human Rights Commission complaint by the Canadian Islamic Congress ( Yea the CIC is Elmo “The Jew Hater” Elmasry’s baby). Funny thing is the Vast Zionist Conspiracy desires the same end – shutting the IndyMedia site down!

Holy “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” Batman!

It’s a convoluted story but read the following and it will sort itself out. It’s an instance where it’s hard to know who to cheer for;)

Very regrettable indeed

Will the Zionists be allowed to achieve their nefarious goal? I certainly hope not.

What happened is that brainwashed political Zionist fanatics noticed that some news was being leaked out on Winnipeg IMC through their media monopoly that allowed people to learn a small amount about the Zionist atrocities in the Middle East, including Israeli, Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and elsewhere, and also about Zionist criminal conspiracies in Canada, the USA and elsewhere. The Zionist control freaks saw this news and analysis as being “anti-semitic”, so they launched a spam attack on Winnipeg IMC. This precipitated an information war between increasingly desperate Zionist information terrorists and spammers, and others seeking to counter the false Zionist propaganda and anti-Islamic hate literature. In the course of this heated exchange of information and ideas, the content posted by the Zionist fanatics became increasingly racist, warmongering, hate mongering, and anti-Islamic in the its tone. This was quite informative for those interested in political, social and cultural analysis, as it revealed the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of the Zionist position, and the moral, legal and ethic depravity that political Zionist is rooted in.

In the course of this informational and ideological debate the Islamic people of Canada took notice and were apparently offended by the increasingly shrill and hateful anti-Islamic content of the Zionist propaganda. They feel obligated to put an end to this flow of hateful and false Zionist propaganda, which should never have been allowed to be posted in the first place.


One things for certain, I’m sure glad both sides, Zionists & Islamists alike are not attempting to abuse our wholesome, ethical, small animal & children loving, not to mention, Due Process, Free Speech & Charter Rights respecting, Human Rights Commissions to advance a political agenda;)

It is to laugh, here we have a case of the Islamists cutting off their noses to spite their face. Traditionally the IndyMedia network has been among the greatest supporters of the Islamist cause and a major outlet for the anti-semitism masked as anti-zionism so prevalent among our pseudo-leftists.

NB: This is only the 2nd instance of a “Left-Wing” site being targetted under our Hate/Thought Crime Legislation that I am aware of. B’nai Brith has been attempting a complaint against a BC based Pro-Palestinian web site via the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

In virtually all instances to date the Canadian Human Rights Commission and its provincial counterparts, due to their Left-Wing ideologically driven bias, have selectively chosen to prosecute voices they would like to think are Right-Wing i.e. Basement Nazis, or genuine conservative voices such as Levant & Steyn and those to be found among the Clergy.

Update: Imam Dhar Seh offers his take on this.

H/T Five Feet of Fury