Human rights complaint dismissal spurs more debate

This is a reasonably balanced article appearing in The Canadian Jewish News on the issue of the Free Speech rights abuses by our Human Rights Commissions however as the article describes, neither the Canadian Jewish Congress nor B’nai Brith wish to see Thought Crime Law Section 13 (1) abolished, they seek only modification. This is a non-starter, the law must go, there is no place for Thought Crime Law in a democratic nation. Canada has statutes that deal with hate crime, they are more than adequate.

Section 13(1) in whatever form, will remain a dangerous threat to the rights of Canadians. The Thought Crime Laws currently on the books in Canada were furtively implemented under the radar of most citizens by illiberal political activists who, aided by unwitting allies, sought to mask their anti-democratic agenda under the seemingly benign banner of “Human Rights”.

The weak admission that “Oh my yes, Section 13(1) and it’s provincial equivalents have been abused by those with a political agenda” is simply too little, too late. No one but a prescient few thought Human Rights Commissions would ever be used to police free speech just as most thought Section 13(1) would never be abused. History has proven both of these once prevailing assumptions false. Prudence dictates there is every reason to expect history will repeat itself a 3rd time should Section 13(1) be allowed to stand even in modified form.

The Genie is out of the bottle, the only way to end this madness and restore our right to Free Speech is to abolish Section 13(1) and forever bar Canadian Human Rights Commissions from any further attempts to gut the free-speech provisions guaranteed all Canadians in our Charter of Rights & Freedoms.

The fight goes on.