The Tyranny of Nice… it’s coming soon, wait it’s already here

Pete Vere plugs his upcoming book “The Tyranny of Nice” about Canada’s Human Rights Madness which he has co-authored with Kathy Shaidle. Pete dishes the dirt in an epic 2 hour radio phone in segment on Joe Banisters program. Catch it all on the “We The People Radio Network”.

The book covers the Steyn & Levant cases as well as the on-going assault on Christians by the Marxist Mullahs of the Human Rights Cabal.

Sayeth Pete: “The exchange I found the most amusing was with the caller who objected to Joe denouncing the complainant in the Kindos case as a pot head.”

The Tyranny of Nice appears in September, pre-orders will be accepted in about 2 weeks – here’s the rough up of the official web site – .