Wow! Someone even more dim than Naomi Lakritz!

Meet Lea Anderson fearless defender of State Censorship & fan of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn!. Have a look at perhaps the single most ill-informed letter to the editor extant in support of our Marxist Human Rights Commissions & their thought crime laws.

Lea was writing in response to Mark Milke’s excellent piece in the Calgary Herald: Absolute princes and the Alberta human rights commission

It certainly should not go unnoticed the absolute princes Mark Milke and Ezra Levant have been the last 900 days in helping to explain the workings of the Alberta Human Rights Commission and the importance to all Albertans these individual rights remain in place. No other law protects Albertans from exposure to hatred or contempt, as this unique law involves a transfer of power to the individual from the state. It is important that we exercise this democratic right should we feel our individual rights have been violated.

That one bolded sentence speaks for itself, what more need be said other than, maybe some people really shouldn’t get the vote;)

But Lea presses on, defiantly displaying an ignorance of history and state of denial greater than even Jack Layton could aspire to:

A greater understanding of human rights commissions’ workings can only strengthen our democracy. To request removal of the key subsection of human rights, which protects us from hatred or contempt, is unacceptable. Milke’s attempt to defend free speech abuses by eliminating human rights is an assault on our dignity. Milke demands we gut our human rights laws, the very week George Bush requested China allow more basic rights and freedoms, and the week Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn died. He was famous for chronicling the abuses and terror of the Russian gulags, one of the biggest human rights catastrophies ever.

Demanding the elimination of human rights laws to allow a journalist to be offensive or contemptible to a fellow Albertan is not the longstanding western tradition I know.

I don’t know what to say, other than please Lea get your head out of your butt, read a book and please never again take Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s name in vain.