Pity poor Howard Rotberg he has Jason “My Law Degree smells like Crackerjacks” Cherniak as his uh counsel

After watching last nights Michael Coren show, Jason Cherniak , (that’s Jason on the left), once again bolstered my deeply held suspicion that there exists a “Special with an R” stream in law schools. How else to explain Cherniak and the likes of the SockPuppets?

For those of you not yet aware of Howard Rotberg’s story see this piece by Kathy Shaidle in at Pajamas Media, Fighting Back When Called a ‘Racist’.

Shaidle appeared with Cherniak and Nick “GhostofaFlea” Packwood and Bob Tarantino on Corens show last night. Nick was great and Bob was, well a lawyer, who while an obviously educated and articulate gentleman clearly has his career to consider, that’s a polite way of suggesting he was a bit dull. To have watched the show is to realize how unread, unworldly and how unwholesomely hobbit like are all things Cherniak. Kathy rips Cherniak a new one, here and here in a fascinating and funny e-mail exchange that arose after Kathy, in promoting the show, provided links to some of Cherniaks Greatest Hits, here & here.

I especially like Jason’s Blood Libel slur against Christians, I didn’t think the little bugger had that much hate in him , for a Liberal I mean;)

When your done laughing at Jason, head over to Howard Rotbergs blog and leave a supportive comment or better yet buy one of his books, he’s going to need the money for his appeal and a new lawyer.