B’nai Brith: putting their “faith” in criminalization of Judeophobia

Trupeers of Covenant Zone offers a thoughtful response to B’nai Briths calls to have the anti-semites who chanted “Death to the Jews” in a demonstration at McMaster charged with “Hate Crimes” under the provisions of Ontario’s Criminal Code.

Campus “Whack-a-Jew” demonstrations like Israeli Apartheid Week have been become popular among the partners of the Pseudo-left/Islamist alliance at many Universities.

B’nai Brith: putting their “faith” in criminalization of Judeophobia

I think B’nai Brith is intellectually confused if they think the widespread problem of Judeophobia and the left-political Islam alliance against Israel, America, and all free societies can be tackled through the heavy hand of the criminal law. Throwing student radicals in jail will not teach such people to like Jews or Israel. It will surely have the opposite effect much more often. It will create martyrs and thus foster the cause of the hate mongers, further encourage conspiracy theories of a Jewish lobby controlling Western governments, and only encourage the forces of moral relativism to say: well if one can’t say that about Israel/Jews, nobody can say similar things about Islam, or Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran, etc. etc. And given the current inability of Canada’s “multicultural” politicians to make distinctions between relatively free and tyrannical cultures, we will likely have all kinds of necessary expressions of cultural or political contempt threatened by criminal sanctions. Again, let me remind that I am not defending actual incitements to violence. But any attempt at outlawing resentments would just be a Utopian project bound to fail in all kinds of ugly and dangerous ways.

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