Okay stop it with the e-mail scams and maybe we’ll reconsider our position…

The Nigerians, well certainly some of them, are up in arms over our “discriminatory” visa amd immigration rules….

Applicants from non-white nations are not supposed to apply for visa and other applications which may lead to landing in Canada because of safety of person and profession. The brawl of visa regarding Mrs. Okojie is just a pretence by the Canadian government because no non-white normal human and well informed human beings will apply to visit/stay in Canada.

Satans offspring, Canadians…our evil knows no limit….

If you are white but not white of US citizenship, visit/stay (to) in Canada may be advised. The Publishers have advised former President Bill Clinton to stay plan to visit Canada but when he failed to take this solemn advise, he came and went back with terrible illness. After the departure of Bill, Canadian talk host demonstrated Bill and passage of unknown substance into food.

Canadians, truly more evil than ever imagined…

Some immigrants have been recultured to directions of becoming secret agents and some of them are assigned to divide their communities to enable the Canadian government and its agencies to rule and conquer them into real-time slave laborer. The ones that agree to take the assignment survive but others that reject the assignment are marked and put on death list.

Wicked Canadians “guilty of snail genocide” – hey I didn’t write this….

In Canada 1600 – present, the indigenous Blacks are continually destroyed under chameleon genocide. The United Nations is aware of this snail genocide but Canadian leaders continue to buy their trial before international criminal courts. The largest black community is North and East Preston of Nova Scotia, Canada and these communities are slowly being wipe off or cleansed .

Read the whole thing, its fun!