Laura Rosen Cohen: Here’s To Truthful Discourse

Ms. Cohen makes a reasoned plea for a return to the days when speaking one’s mind was considered a valued character trait versus the mire of todays mindless habit of self-censorship imposed by Government sponsored PC Pieties and loathesome legislation such as our “Thought Crime” law Section 13 (1).

Laura Rosen Cohen, Globe & Mail: Here’s To Truthful Discourse

“People are so terrified of potentially offending others that language becomes a mockery of itself. While we might joke that someone is follicularly challenged instead of “bald,” or vertically challenged instead of “short,” these types of expressions move us further away from the facts and into conversations and relationships that are based on a discourse reminiscent of walking on eggshells for fear of offending others. That is not to suggest that one must be honest to the point of being hurtful, but surely there is some need to develop a workplace and political discourse that is both respectful and truthful.

A culture of fear has permeated political conversation in Canada as well. Though freedom of expression is enshrined in Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, on an individual level, one is increasingly aware that political or religious positions that deviate from the unofficially sanctioned politically correct party line makes for ideologically dangerous living.”

Good stuff read the rest.