They Hateses the Human Rights Commissions in North Bay…

Human Rights
By Bill Walton

One of the basic human rights we in this country used to enjoy was the freedom of expression. We all knew that you could not slander or libel anyone but beyond that, we were free to express opinions and hold debates, even write articles and letters to the editors of our local papers without worrying about serious consequences. One might expect the next-door neighbour to take one to task over an opinion, but following a lively discussion, that was the end of the matter. Not so anymore.

It is sad enough that our own Provincial Prime Minister is standing behind the Ontario Human Rights tribunal system, but one can see where this Liberal politician is lining up behind the Conservative leader of our country. Perhaps it was a remnant of our British and French heritages that stood for the rights that worked their way into the various Charters of Rights and Freedoms around the world, but the current leaning over backwards by both Liberals and Conservatives is eroding those freedoms.

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