CATHOLIC INSIGHT responds to Ezra Levants Acquittal by the Marxist Human Rights Racket

As many are aware Fr. De Valk of Catholic Insight was subjected to his own inquisition by the Marxist Human Rights Racket. If you believe in Freedom fight the Canadian Human Rights Commissions, end their tyranny before it is too late.

The Levant, Macleans/Steyn & De Valk cases are simply the 1st salvos in their insidous efforts to undermine democracy by robbing citizens of their right to free speech. Levant & De Valk were acquitted, this does not mean the “HRC System” works as the leftist apologists claim, the acquittals are nothing more than a strategic retreat. Make no mistake, Section 13(1) must be abolished and the Marxists running the Human Rights Commissions put out to pasture.

Newsletter No. 12

On August 7, the National Post newspaper published an article by Ezra Levant, “A hollow victory,” following his acquittal on Alberta Human Rights Commission charges of exposing Muslims to hatred and contempt by publishing in his now-defunct magazine Western Standard several mocking cartoons of the prophet Mohammed. (As this newsletter was being sent out, the article could be accessed on the internet at:

Catholic Insight followed up with a letter to the editor at the National Post that has not yet been published. We attempted to point out how it is not just the Levant case that served as a warning to journalists who would defy Islam, but our human rights case, too, served as a warning to those who would defy the homosexual juggernaut. The original text of our letter follows:

Ezra Levant observed that the human rights process he was put through is a warning to journalists who would defy radical Islam. Our experience, as a monthly national Catholic magazine of news and opinion, has been the same, except that in our case, the warning is directed at those who would defy the homosexual agenda. After achieving the right to same-sex “marriage” in 2005, some homosexual activists, who claimed to be victims in the past, began to change into bullies.

It was in February 2007 that a human rights complaint was filed against our publication by an Edmonton-based homosexual activist on the alleged grounds that we were publishing material likely to expose homosexuals to hatred and contempt. Some sixteen months – and over $20,000 in legal fees – later, the Canadian Human Rights Commission came to see that we do, in fact, adhere to the Catholic church’s position that persons with same-sex attraction must be accepted with respect, compassion and sensitivity and every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided.

What the action seemed to suggest was that any publication exercising its constitutional right to report, analyze, comment on, and criticize where necessary, homosexual activism as it pertains to important social issues such as the nature of marriage, adoption rights, the allocation of social benefits, burdens on the health system caused by unhealthy behaviours and so on, would have to pay a price.

Although acquitted of the baseless human rights charge, we fully share Ezra Levant’s view that it is a hollow victory. The process was indeed the punishment, in terms of the fact that we had to expend considerable financial and personnel resources in addressing the charge, while our accuser had government apparatus do his work for him. The human rights legislation and institutional structures and practices that permitted such an injustice to occur, remain in place.

Reform or abolition of the current human rights system is urgently needed, before other innocent Canadian individuals and organizations are needlessly hauled before tribunals to face charges that may, in fact, have been filed with an intent to intimidate and harass, rather than seek true redress for real offences.