It’s not the government’s job to proof these pages

Nigel Hannaford Calgary Herald: It’s not the government’s job to proof these pages

But Ezra Levant is not relieved. Neither should anyone else be.

Writing in the National Post Thursday, he declared, “The process I was put through is a warning to journalists who would defy radical Islam.”

Quite. But, it’s even worse than that. It’s that a government agency is allowed to sit in judgment at all, over what goes into a Canadian publication –whether it’s about Muslims, Fenians, trade unionists, Communists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, gays or any of the other groups that have taken their ideas to the marketplace during this country’s history.
As an affront to liberal-democratic values, it’s right up there with a restricted right to vote, no property rights, and the suspension of habeas corpus.

In the same paper, Ezra Levant rips into the apologist tripe published by columnist Naomi Lakritz.

No right to silence.

Lakritz approvingly quotes leftist professor Kathleen Mahoney, who says we must enforce “freedom from speech.” That’s intellectual junk; no one has to endure another’s speech. We switch channels, don’t buy a magazine or just walk away if we don’t want to listen. Mahoney and Lakritz talk about “freedom from speech,” but this really means “power to silence.”