Naomi Lakritz – Human rights commission ensures balance of freedoms – “Bullsh*t Alert”

Another misguided HRC apologist makes an appearance, this time it’s Naomi Lakritz in the Calgary Herald. Hard to decide if Ms Lakritz is clueless, disingenous or perhaps both.

Here’s a sample of her logic and uh “grasp” of the issues:

The commission is not the kangaroo court its detractors would like everyone to think it is. Under the act, it upheld Levant’s freedom to publish the cartoons, although investigator Pardeep Gundara reserved the right to exercise freedom of speech to declare that “the cartoons remain offensive.” They are offensive, and that is why the Herald chose not to publish them at the time. But it doesn’t mean Levant had no right to publish them, and that’s the distinction Gundara makes.

Liberal Fascists like Naomi are perfectly comfortable with unelected unaccounatable bureaucrats monitoring & controlling your speech. Naomi is a little dim, she likely “feels” in her heart that only “Bad People” will ever have to be censored, never good people like she and her friends.

Naomi who gave you the RIGHT to dictate that my or anyone elses speech is to be controlled by dictatorial government fiat? Where do these twits get these hairbrained ideas?